Charter of the Overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran

Proposed by the Worker-communist Party – Hekmatist

This charter sets out the framework for the full and unconditional overthrow of the Islamic Republic; preventing its remnants from resisting the will of the people and disrupting the function of the civil life and guaranteeing the right of the people to choose, freely and consciously, a new system of government. The overthrow of the Islamic Republic is perquisite to ensuring the right of the people in choosing the next regime.

The success of the movement to overthrow the Islamic Republic can only be accomplished when this regime is replaced by a provisional government tasked with declaring the following revolutionary demands and rights as the laws of the country and obligated to fully and unconditionally implementing them.

  1. Proclaiming the overthrow and the dissolution of the Islamic Republic.
  2. Dissolution of the army, "Islamic Revolutionary Guard" (Pasdaran) and other professional and paramilitary forces and confiscation of all their assets, logistics and weapons.
  3. Complete and total dissolution of the Ministry of Intelligence.
  4. Disclosure and making accessible all the state's documents, especially those belonging to the Ministry of Intelligence and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard.
  5. Expropriation of all properties and assets endowed to all the Islamic political, commercial and religious institutions; confiscation of the assets of the leadership of the Islamic Republic and the Islamic seminaries and utilise them to meet the social and recreational needs of the people.
  6. Dissolution of all religious seminaries.
  7. Arrest of the leaders of the Islamic Republic.
  8. Arming people and setting up popular militia units to counter the resistance of the remnants of the regime and any aggression against the freedom and the rights of the people.
  9. Complete separation of religion from state and education.
  10. Annulment of all religiously inspired laws. The freedom of religion and atheism.
  11. Unconditional right of expression, media, belief, assembly, right to set up and join political parties and organisations, organise and unconditional right to strike.
  12. Full and unconditional equality of rights of women and men. Immediate repealing of all laws and regulations that violates this principle.
  13. Full equality of rights for all regardless of their gender, religion, nationality, race and citizenship.
  14. Release of all political prisoners.
  15. Abolition of death Penalty.
  16. Access to state mass media for all and especially for mass organisations and political parties.
  17. Adequate unemployment benefit for every unemployed person over the age of 16 who is ready for work. Adequate unemployment benefit and other necessary allowances for all those who for physical or psychological reasons are unable to work.
  18. Organising the assembly of the direct representatives of the people, within six months, to determine the future political regime and drafting the constitution.
  19. The worker-communist party-Hekmatist calls for the immediate resolution of the Kurdish question in Iran by means of a free referendum in the Kurd-inhabited regions of western Iran under the supervision of recognised international bodies. The referendum would be on the choice between remaining as citizens with equal rights with others (no special privileges) or secede from Iran and form an independent country. Such a referendum should be held after the withdrawal of the central government's military forces and a period of free activity for all the political parties in Kurdistan to inform people of their programmes, positions and views.

Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist calls on all who cherish freedom, political parties and organisations and all political activists to endorse and support this charter to safeguard the country against all the reactionary Islamic, tribal and political gangs and thugs and guarantee the complete removal of the Islamic Republic.

Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist

February 2005

Written by Koorosh Modarresi and adopted by the Worker-communist Party-Hekmatist 2005