A Great Heart Ceased Beating!
A Great Thinker Thinks no More!

On Thursday 4 July 2002, the heart of Mansoor Hekmat (Zhoobin Razani), the founder and leader of the Worker-communist Party of Iran and the greatest contemporary Marxist, ceased beating at age 51. After a short struggle with cancer, Mansoor Hekmat in complete peace, with his family next to him went to sleep forever.

Losing Zhoobin is an irreparable loss for the freedom seeking and equalitarian movement, socialist movement, ideals of worker-communism, and humanity. In his short political life, Mansoor Hekmat was the cornerstone of egalitarianism and communist radicalism in Iran's politics. His contribution to Marx's theory was deeply humanist and revolutionary and a living practice of Marx's fundamental philosophical idea that the future is an unwritten page which can be written by living contemporary human beings with eyes open; history is built by human will. Marxism has lost its greatest world thinker.

Moreover, however, we who have had the honour and opportunity to know and work with him have lost the most sincere friend and the noblest of human beings.

On behalf of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, I give my deepest condolences to the members of dear Zhoobin's family. On behalf of all the members and supporters of the Party, I send my love to dear Azar Majedi and her children. I know that no words or actions can diminish the pain of losing Zhoobin. Their place, however, is in all our hearts and we are all with them.

The heart of Mansoor Hekmat (Zhoobin) ceased beating but Mansoor Hekmat is not dead. With his thoughts and ideals, Mansoor Hekmat will remain the shining figure of the Socialist and Marxist movement.

Long Live Socialism

Long Live Mansoor Hekmat

Koorosh Modaresi

Political Bureau of the Worker-communist Party of Iran

4 July 2002