Our policy towards international protests, outside Iran, against the threat of US assault on Iran

Our policy towards international protests, outside Iran, against the threat of US assault on Iran

The US war propaganda against Iran has nothing to do with compassion for the people of Iran or confrontation with political Islam. The US policy is the extension of its Pre-emptive Strike doctrine. According to this doctrine the US government is permitted to resort to military force to attack any state that might pose a threat to the interests of the US. The Pre-emptive Strike is developed to be employed against not only the reactionary states, like the Islamic Republic, but it also provides a framework to launch assaults against any progressive regime in the world.

The Pre-emptive Strike, just as it provided the pretext to attack Iraq, has become the cornerstone of the US’s foreign policy. This policy will sink the world into total destruction.

The civilised humanity must stand up to this threat and do not allow the US government, with the support of puppets like Tony Blair, inflict death and devastation on Iran and the entire region.

We must stop the US from interfering in the lives of the people of Iran. This would allow the Iranian people themselves to deal with the Islamic Republic. The US warmongering only helps to prolong the rule of the Islamic Republic.

To thwart the threat of the US attack against Iran we must mobilise the widest possible ranks of the honourable and freedom loving people outside Iran around the simple demand of “No to US Warmongering”. Any addendum to this clear and simple demand will curtail the scope and extend of anti-war movement. Our prime motive is to organise the widest possible mass protest against the US warmongering.

We must be aware of the attempts of the Islamic currents to draw people under their own banner and by doing so give these protests an Islamic and ethnic dimension and gather support for the political Islam and the Islamic Republic.

Any Islamic connotation will undermine the effectiveness of the anti-US war mongering movement. At the same time the influence of the Islamic currents in the anti-war movement will give credence to the most reactionary forces in our society and will undermine the struggles of the people of Iran against the Islamic Republic.

To the degree that the anti-war movement is stained by the political Islam it will impair its effectiveness. It will prevent large sections of the population who are justifiably sick and tired of the political Islam from joining the movement. This situation will directly serve the interests of the US policy. We will oppose Islamization of these protests.

The framework of our policy towards the anti-war protests is as follows:

1- Our Party endeavours, in every country, together with local forces, to build mass opposition to the US war mongering

2- Our Party will educate the public about the truth behind this warmongering

3- We shall endeavour to draw the support and sympathy of people around the world to the struggles of the people of Iran to liberate themselves from the yoke of the Political Islam.

4- Our main slogans are “No to US Warmongering” and “US Stop Interfering in the Lives of the People of the World”.

5- We shall do our utmost to attract the largest number of people to this campaign.

6- At the same time we oppose those campaigns and activities that appease to the political Islam. We shall not participate

in calling for and organising such demonstrations. We shall not call on people to support such campaigns.

We, may participate in any protests over the US warmongering against Iran, pursuing our policy as stated in points 2,3 and 4 above.

March 8, 2006