Proclamation on the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The full and unconditional overthrow of the Islamic Republic and preventing the remnants of the regime from destroying the fabric of the civil society; as well as guarantying the right of the people to freely and consciously determine the future political regime of the country constitute the essence of this proclamation. The overthrow of the Islamic Republic is the prerequisite to securing the right of the people to determine the future regime in Iran.

The victory of the movement to overthrow the Islamic Republic could only be realised when this regime is replaced with a provisional government charged with the immediate task of declaring and implementing the following revolutionary demands as the law of the country:

1. Declaration of the fall and the dissolution of the Islamic Republic

2. Disarmament and liquidation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, the army and all the paramilitary forces linked to the Islamic Republic. Confiscation of all the weapons, resources, and ordnance of these organisations and institutions.

3. Complete dissolution of the Ministry of Information

4. Disclosure of all the documents, archives and the files belonging to the Government, Islamic Revolutionary Guard and the Ministry of Information

5. Confiscation and repossession of all the properties and estates of pious and religious foundations and seminaries, as well as the possessions of the leaders of the Islamic Republic. Utilization of the confiscated properties to meet social, recreational and political needs of the people

6. Dissolution of all the “Islamic seminaries”

7. Detention of the leaders of the Islamic Republic

8. Arming people into mass militias to defend their own freedom and counteract the resistance of the remnants of the Islamic Republic and any other aggressions aimed at curtailing their rights and freedom.

9. Complete separation of religion from state and education

10. Abolition of all the religiously based laws and legislations. Declaring freedom of religion and atheism

11. Unconditional freedom of expression, media, assembly, organisation and freedom to strike

12. Full and unconditional individual and civil equality between men and women. Abolition of all the laws and regulations that undermine this principle.

13. Complete equality of all citizens regardless of their gender, religion, nationality, race and citizenship

14. Freedom of all political prisoners

15. Abolition of capital punishment

16. Public access, in particular popular mass organisations and political parties to state mass media

17. Adequate unemployment benefit for people over the age of 16 and available for work. Payment of adequate benefit to those unable to work due to physical or mental disabilities

18. Delegation of the determination of the future political regime and the drafting of the new constitution to the assembly of the direct representatives of people within a maximum period of six months.

19. Organising a free referendum in the Kurd-inhabited regions of western Iran under the supervision of recognised international bodies to allow the people of these regions to decide whether to remain within Iran as citizens with full and equal rights with the rest of the population or secede from Iran and establish their own independent state. Such a referendum should be held after the withdrawal of the central government's military forces and a period of free activity for all the political parties in Kurdistan to inform people of their programmes, positions and views.

The Worker-communist Party – Hekmatist calls on people, political parties, mass organisations and political activists to actively support this declaration in the face of the dangers of a comprise with the Islamic Republic being imposed on the Iranian society and to protect the country from falling into the hands of the reactionary and fanatic Islamic, tribal and the political gangsters.

Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist

February 2005