Socialism, Party and the Political Power

A resolution on the: Worker-communist Party of Iran–Hekmatist’s strategy

Adopted by the 1st Conference of the Party’s cadres, 3-4 September 2004

The Strategy of the Worker-communist Party of Iran-Hekmatist is derived from Mansoor Hekmat’s theses on “Party and the Political Power” and his speeches at the second and third congresses of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI) and especially his article titled “Party and the Political Power”. On these bases the conference declares that:

1- The immediate aim of the WPI-Hekmatist is to capture the political power, declare the Socialist State and organise the social revolution of the working class. The prerequisite to achieving his aim is to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2- The socialist revolution starts with capturing the political power by the working class. But the working class’s seizure of political power is achieved through its communist party. The working class’s ascend to power is through its political party.

3- We are for the socialist revolution and strive for its immediate implementation. The WPI-Hekmatist fights to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran and take the political power. Upon taking the power, the Party will introduce its programme and its “Declaration of the Universal Human Rights” as the bill of rights and will ensure the most extensive social and political rights.

4- The fundamental task of the Party today is to strengthen its relationship with the people, that is to say to become the symbol of people’s “NO” to the regime; mobilising the widest possible sections of the population and the working class around the Party’s banner; shift the balance of power, unite the different sections of the population through a network of leaders and communist activists and finally transforming the Party into a network that mobilises and canalises people’s power in their fight against the Islamic Republic. **

5- We represent the majority of the people and will endeavour to mobilise the vast majority of people around our Party. At the same time we believe that the pre-condition to mobilising the majority of people and the working class around our party requires the seizure of the political power. Bourgeoisie has refined its hostilities to communism into an art and will not allow any attempts at its political power. It will be a fatal mistake to even contemplate becoming the majority without first taking the power away from the bourgeoisie.

6- The worker-communism by transforming itself into a credible and powerful force in the society and within the working class, and by engaging with critical social issues and by preparing for and organising the communist revolution in a revolutionary situation, will directly seize the political power and mobilise the entire working class and the majority of the society .

7- The direct outcome of the victorious uprising and the capture of the political power by the worker-communism would be the immediate declaration of the socialist republic and the formation of the government of the Worker-communist Party on the basis of the content of its programme and its “Declaration of Universal Human Rights” as the governing laws of the country. This would be a socialist government focused on expanding the movement for the councils rule and the consolidation of the state based on councils as the elected organs of power.

8- The WPI-Hekmatist considers all the theories that oppose the organising of the capturing of political and taking the power by the Party as counter to working class ascending to power as very futile to the cause of communism and the working class. Organising the process of the communist revolution and establishing the rule of the Working class by the party is the only possible and practical method of taking the political power by the working class and the triumph of socialism in the battle of political power.

9- The WPI-Hekmatist, while setting up mass popular organisations, endeavours to emerge as a powerful organisation on its own right and mobilise masses of people to engage in the political struggles.

10- The Party will actively engage in every revolutionary developments and will, on one hand, try to prevent the disintegration of the fabrics of the civil society at the hands of the dark forces, and on the other hand will counter the attempts of the bourgeois governments and forces to sideline people from the political scene and process. We will, by adopting appropriate tactics, develop the best and shortest way to turn every revolutionary movement into a stepping stone for the worker-communism and the Party to conquer the political power. The taking of power by the Party is the safest way to guarantee that the society does not fall into despair and disintegration.

** an effective means of mobilising and canalising people’s power against the Islamic Republic