The end of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the cry of
"Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran" and "Long Live Freedom and Equality"

WPI Leader Koorosh Modaresi's message regarding protests of June 10 and 11 in Iran
12 June 2003

Freedom-seeking People and Students of Iran:

Irrespective of how the June 10 and 11 protests in Iran began, it has culminated in the slogan of 'Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran.' This is today's decree in any political move in Iran. These protests have once more shown that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the obstacle to freedom and happiness and the source of poverty and despair. Protests against any issue, namely the privatisation of universities, lack of water and electricity, price rises, poverty, unpaid wages, and for improvements in people's lot and attempts to just live, are directly vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic of Iran and result in the slogan 'Down with the Islamic Republic'. There is no other way. Today, neither the disintegrated 2nd Khordad [Islamic reformist grouping] nor even the lackey journalists of the BBC Persian Service can portray the people of Iran as pro-Islamic reform nor give Islam a presentable image. Everyone now agrees that the reform of the Islamic Republic - whoever's agenda it might be is not that of the people of Iran. The people do not want the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Islamic Republic must go. 'Down with the Islamic Republic' is our verdict. It is the verdict of the freedom loving and working people who have been pushed into misery and despair by the Islamic regime. 'Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran' is the spark of hope in the eyes of women and teenage girls who have not yet lost the hope of liberation from Islamic slavery. 'Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran' is the cry for freedom, joy and liberation. This movement must be consolidated and advanced. The overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran is near. This is also the verdict that recent protests prove.

The question before us, however, is: what is the quickest and least painful way for liberation from the Islamic Republic of Iran. How must we advance? What must we do? And can we attain freedom and equality? The initial response to this question may be clear for many. We must unite. We must come to the fore united and organised. The Islamic Republic of Iran is so decayed and in such shambles that a relatively extensive push by the people will bring it down. The fact that the Islamic Republic is still around is not because of its power, it is rather because of our dispersion. We must unite. The people do not want the Islamic Republic. This is not enough, however, the achieve liberation from that regime. The Islamic Republic will not go on its own accord; it must be overthrown. To oust the regime, we must come together around one banner. The question is unity under which banner and for what demand? This is exactly where one must choose. In the past, the Islamic reformists (2nd Khordad) advocated change via the reform of the Islamic regime and placed the banner of 'Islamic reform' before the people; this banner and its advocates are no more. Today, however, there are others on offer, which are just as misleading and destructive for liberation from the claws of the Islamic Republic. They say that the United States is coming to save us. First, other than us ourselves, there are no other saviours. Those who raise this banner want the people to wait for the saviour, George Bush, and slow down the people's struggle to oust the regime; they effectively add to the Islamic regime's lifespan. Look at Iraq. This is not the future we want. A US-style regime change will only bring more misery and devastation for the people. We ourselves have begun the process of regime change years ago. They say that the people must demand a referendum. Those who imagine a situation in which the Islamic Republic will agree to a referendum on its future have not accepted that the people of Iran do not want the Islamic Republic or that the Islamic regime will not leave on its own accord. The advocates of referendum also add to the regime's lifespan and provide it with future opportunities. After the defeat of the Islamic reformists (2nd Khordad), this may be the way to unity for those who want to remove the people from the scene, save the Islamic Republic or impose their own government from above on the people but this is not the way to unite the people to get rid of the Islamic Republic.

We must unite, but this unity must be around liberation from the Islamic Republic of Iran and guarantee freedom and equality. The people must unite around a clear banner. This banner is currently raised - the banner of 'Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran' and the banner of 'Freedom and Equality'. The Islamic Republic of Iran must be overthrown. To overthrow it we must unite. For unity we must have a banner. This banner is 'Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran' and 'Long Live Freedom and Equality'.

This unity must bring out a united force to the fore. Students and the people in Tehran must not be left alone. There must be a wave of protest everywhere, in every city. The protests must become extensive. We must make sure all other cities join these protests. The period, which began with the June 10 and 11 protests, is a new phase. Our movement for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic has entered its final phase. We must begin this period by consolidating our ranks, by guaranteeing its continuation and uniting around a clear banner. The banner of Freedom and Equality.

Down with the Islamic Republic!

Long Live Freedom, Equality, Workers' Rule!

Long Live socialism!

Koorosh Modaresi

12 June 2003