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Menshevism, Bolshevism, and Leninism
An analytical study of the Russian Revolution

Communist party and political power
Worker-communism and four experiences
October Revolution, Iranian Revolution, Kurdistan Experience, and the experience in Iraq

Communists and Revolution
Menshevism, Bolshevism, Leninism, and Hekmat

Iranian Revolution and the tasks of communists
Will and Necessity
The role of human will in history

Organizational CV
The Universal Bill of Rights
Religion - Hands off People’s Lives
Re-reading The Communist Manifesto
Principles of the communist activism
History of Iranian Left
The birth of neo-revisinism in Iranian Left
The Lesson to be learned
On the aftermath of the Iranian presidential election

Charter of the Overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran

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  • Iranian Revolution of 1979
    A Historical Analysis

    Personal Notes and Charts

  • Egypt and Tunisia
    Some Q&A on Facebook

  • The Awakening in Arab Countries
    On the Revolutionary Developments in Egypt and Tunisia

  • A rather long march from the eye of the camera

  • Protectionism or Liberal Capitalism?
    A Black Hole for the Working Class
    August 2010

  • The Lesson to be Learned
    On the aftermath of the preisential election in Iran
    December 2009

  • Diplomacy or Weapons of Mass Destruction!
    December 2006

  • An introduction to Worker-communism
    November 2006

  • The situation in Iran and the challenges facing the Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
    December 2006

  • Saddam’s Execution Verdict
    December 2006

  • Working Class and the Political Power
    October 2006

  • Congress of Hope. Congress of re-engagement with the Society
    November 2006

  • Bush’s Defeat: The Impasse of New World Order Policy in Iraq
    November 2006

  • In Praise of Unity against Unemployment
    September 2006

  • We are engaged in building a mass Communist Party
    August 2006

  • Comrades of the “Revolutionary Council of the Socialist Youths” welcome to the Hekmatist Party! August 2006

  • Escalation of Oppression and Attacks on People
    August 2006

  • Shame on “Rome Conference”! Shame on “International Community”!
    July 2006

  • A world with a single standard!
    The undisputed right of the US and its allies to assault humanity!
    July 2006

  • Freedom Guards: Structure, Framework and the Tasks of the Freedom Guards
    May 2006

  • Nuclear Crisis or Crisis with a Nuclear Pretext
    April 2006

  • The Threat of Military Assault against Iran
    May 2006

  • Defence of Unconditional Right of Belief and Expression
    March 2006

  • Our policy towards international protests, outside Iran, against the threat of US assault on Iran
    March 2006

  • Repel Islamists attack on freedom of conscience and expression!
    February 2006

  • The “Nuclear Crisis” of the Islamic Republic and the Western Powers
    February 2006

  • Workers’ Protests - Challenges and Prospects
    November 2005

  • One year on
    An interview with Koorosh Modarresi
    on the first anniversary of the formation of the WPI-Hekmatist
    September 2005

  • Proclamation on the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran
    February 2005

  • Socialism, Party and the Political Power
    A resolution on the: Worker-communist Party of Iran–Hekmatist’s strategy
    September 2004

  • About the split in Worker-communist Party of Iran And Formation of Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
    Interview with Yanar Mohammad
    August 2004

  • Communiqué on the foundation of the
    Worker-communist Party of Iran – Hekmatist
    August 24, 2004

  • A Congress at the Eve of A Revolution

  • The end of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the cry of
    "Down with the Islamic Republic of Iran" and "Long Live Freedom and Equality"
    June 2003

  • No Gentlemen, the people of Iran do not need a Chalabi
    On the Leadership Council proposed by Reza Pahlavi
    WPI Briefing No. 111, 9 June 2003

  • Letter to Kofi Anan
    regarding the People's Mujahedeen Organisation of Iran (PMOI)
    April 2003

  • On the USA Attack on Iraq Part I
    October 2002

  • On the USA Attack on Iraq Part II
    October 2002

  • A Great Heart Ceased Beating!
    A Great Thinker Thinks no More!
    July 2002

  • "The Hope for Peace" Sharon's Latest Casualty
    WPI Briefing No. 52, 3 April 2002

  • On the 15th Plenum of the Central Committee
    WPI Briefing No. 51, 27 March 2002

  • On the US Threats against Iraq
    20 March 2002

  • Axis of Evil: Foreign Policy or Political Philosophy?
    February 2002

  • Islam without Violence is not Islam
    Radio International, April 20, 2000

  • Campaign against Money Laundering
    Interview with WPI Briefing - March 2001

  • Anti-war Coalitions: Lost Causes and Self-defeated Movements
    Interview with WPI Briefing November 2001

  • Religion- Hands off People's Lives! August 1998

  • Iraqi Kurds; victims of whom? May 6th, 1991